Choice How do you find the right coach?

We believe that you need rapport and a sense of trust with your Coach. This is often very personal and hence the choice of coach should be yours. Before reading the profiles below think about the qualities your coach needs to have for you to sense that you will get the right outcome from coaching.

At CAPCC we are a group of professionally trained and accredited coaches. We have a wealth of business experience between us, this helps us to quickly empathise with your situation and recognise the challenges you may be facing, although we never assume your experience will be the same as ours! Despite our very different backgrounds we have a number of core values that we share such as integrity, a passion for personal development in others and ourselves, independence and being credible in what we do. At CAPCC we listen first to what you want, propose a coaching solution and then listen again.

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Carol Skolimowski
Leadership and Business Coach

Carol has spent over 20 years in various Supply Chain Management roles, leading virtual and remote teams across the globe. With extensive experience leading strategic change programmes,


Alistair Marsh
Business Coach

Alistair has held senior management positions for over 20 years in small, medium and large businesses giving him a wealth of leadership knowledge and understanding. His really enjoys

she has a good empathy with those wishing to make changes in the way they lead their own business.  Carol moved into Coaching in 2006 and her typical clients are Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

Carol’s career in Supply Chain Management spanned three industries; Pharmaceuticals, Packaging and Coatings.  Her final corporate role was as head of Logistics for GlaxoSmithKline’s International Division.     A Master’s Degree in Manufacturing Leadership gave her a solid base in developing and implementing strategic initiatives both for integration of companies and step changes to support increases in sales and provide a cost effective Supply Chain.

Carol brings this experience to her coaching, along with her positive energy, collaborative and nurturing style of leadership.   Carol is gentle and relaxed while coaching, but also tenacious in her questions, challengingclientsto open up new perspectives.She focuses attention on specific areas and motivatesclients to commit to actions that are congruent to their values and that of their business.  Carol has the capability to listen and make sense of complex situations, bringing a clarity that is difficult for us to achieve while thinking alone.

Personally, Carol’s great passion is to spend time outdoors in the mountains and often brings skiing or biking analogies to her coaching.   Being a reflective person, gardening offers a lot of quiet time to think and results in a great place to spend quality time with friends and family.

seeing the success inspirational leaders bring to a business.

In his coaching history he has worked with management groups from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries across the UK and Europe. He has individuals in diverse sectors such as meat production, cement manufacturing, healthcare and public sectors and finds the variety a real tonic.  Alistair says “The sectors may be different but the discussions and scenarios people face can be very similar. Understanding the pressures that individuals are under these days is vital part of coaching and sometimes, as a coach, having a good commercial background can be really useful”.

He has worked on programmes for boards, management teams and individuals throughout that period looking at team and individual development.

He has worked in the healthcare industry for nearly 20 years for companies such as Ciba-Geigy, Novartis and Alliance Boots. He is a member of the EMCC and regularly attends seminars and tutorials for continuing professional development. When not at work Alistair enjoys nothing better than taking his two dogs for walks  - even in the rain!