We started our coaching practice focused on leadership development, which enabled us to work with some great entrepreneurs and business owners as well as senior management in both the private and public sectors. In supporting the small business owners a common thread emerged, whilst great emphasis was put on developing themselves and their staff to deliver their Profession, whether it is accountancy, law, or baking, often the business side was a challenge, sometimes through lack of knowledge, but often from a lack of balance in terms of focus. Others were struggling to apply business models that didn't motivate them, or doing what they felt they should do.

In its purest sense we mean Professionals that are operating in one of many Professions, and also running their own practice or business with partners or a number of staff. In its broadest sense we mean people that are professional, that want to succeed. We want to work with those that are willing and able to make changes to themselves and their business to take it forward. People that are passionate about what they do!

Our clients to date have included, Programme Manager, Baker, Ski Instructor, Senior public sector managers, Private sector managers, Lawyer, Optometrist, Nutritionist, Business Coach

A profession arises when any trade or occupation transforms itself through "the development of formal qualifications based upon education, apprenticeship, and examinations, the emergence of regulatory bodies with powers to admit and discipline members, and some degree of monopoly rights." Alan Bullock & Stephen Trombley, The New Fontana Dictionary of Modern Thought, London: Harper-Collins, 1999, p.689